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Thanks firstly to my coach, who turned my life around, and without whom this blog would not exist. Then my partner, for sorting out the sys-admin side of this website, for not cracking up laughing when I mentioned the idea, but most of all for his patience and love in nearly twenty years of trying […]


Why ‘The Quiet Wave’?

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to be good, and win approval. In my early years, this was easy – just be quiet, work hard, and do as I was told. As I grew up, it started to get more complicated. Hard work was well received by my teachers, but made me […]


Welcome to ‘The Quiet Wave’

There is a wonderful word in the Dutch language – ‘ervaringsdeskundige’.  It means someone who has become an expert through experience. My experiences include being the shy child of a Finnish-English couple living in Wales, being the introverted British mother of two exuberant Dutch children living in Holland, losing a parent long before I became […]