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Hollywood frogs – The big change

Duckling to swan, miser to philanthropist, villain to hero. In Hollywood, it’s obvious what change is necessary, and accomplishing it is simply a matter of wanting it enough and believing in yourself. As someone who has been struggling to change herself for years, I can tell you that real life is rather different…


Hollywood frogs – the emotional moment

The emotional rollercoaster is one of the reasons we love films. Feeling our hearts beat faster as a couple lean in for their first kiss, wiping away a tear as one of them passes away in their grief-stricken partner’s arms. But how far do these emotional moments reflect our real lives? And is the Hollywood take on emotions damaging how we experience our own?


Hollywood Frogs

Films are not reality, we all know that. Yet influences from films sneak into our minds without us realising it, skewing how we look at the world.